What Do Face Lifts Do, Exactly?

No one wants to look old, which makes the negative perception towards face lifts mystifying. Despite its effectiveness as a way of remaining youthful-looking, face lifts are still getting an unfair reputation as something done for very shallow reasons—but what do face lifts really bring to the table? Continue reading


Brow Lifts Give You a Youthful, Refreshed Look

Have brow lifts got you raising your eyebrows? Do you feel like it’s pointless, or think that improving your brow area won’t make any difference? Don’t dismiss the procedure just yet. Brow lifts can actually enhance your appearance by reducing the creases within that part of your face, which would make you look rejuvenated and could highlight the beauty of your eyes more. Continue reading

Cosmetic Surgeons: Sculptors, Not Magicians

In this business of making people beautiful, patients should bear in mind that cosmetic surgeons are sculptors and not magicians — they can do wonders with what they have, but can’t make something out of nothing. While a Beverly Hills face lift may do wonders for a patient’s looks, the patient should maintain realistic expectations.

It’s very important to keep it real. A patient who smokes and has sun-damaged skin shouldn’t expect to come out of a facelift looking like a supermodel. Another with a crooked nose will emerge from a rhinoplasty with a better version of her old nose, not with one that resembles that of Julia Roberts. Continue reading

Post-care Tips for a Face Lift

The wonders of science has afforded people the benefits of safe and effective ways to enhance their appearance. If they wish to get rid of sagging facial skin, for instance, they can opt to undergo a face lift procedure from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, some of the patients who undergo such treatments are not aware that, for optimum results, they have to follow post-care procedures down to detail. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery: What to Do Before and After

Pre-surgery period can bring out the worrywart in you, especially if it’s your first time to go under the knife. Calm your nerves down with these preparation tips and learn more about post-operative care:

Understand the operation

Ask your surgeon how the surgery will take place, and request for information on the step-by-step process so you’ll know what you’ll be going through. Be honest about your fear of any complications so the surgeon can explain the whole procedure to you, reassuring you in the process. Also, be forthcoming with your allergies to any chemicals. Continue reading

Lifting your Situation: Facelift and your Job

Stars aren’t the only ones who can shine with the help of facelift surgery. In fact, just about anybody can; say, even an older job seeker who wish to restart a career and go on a round of big interviews for her dream job, or simply one who feels the need to restore a fresher look. A facelift can offer benefits largely tied to one’s self-image and esteem; if anything, this goes to show that the decision for a facelift should be made out of one’s own need—to secure a place in the job market, for instance—but not solely out of pressure from others. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery Dos and Don’ts

Plastic surgery is the fastest and easiest way to achieve a more youthful look. Whether you wish to take off a few years from your face or enhance the curves on your body, it’s important that you know full well the different aspects of the procedure you desire. As you research what you need to know, there are certain dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind before pushing through with the surgery you want. Continue reading

Turning Back the Clock with an Innovative Facelift

The aging process is inevitable, but medicine has found ways to overturn the advancing years through scientific anti-aging systems. Here are some types of facelifts most people can utilize to turn back their body clock:

Mini facelift

The mini facelift, or the short scar facelift, makes the skin and soft tissues on the face tauter and firmer while reducing the amount of incisions and scarring to give off a more natural, more youthful look. This procedure is established upon sutures in the deeper layers of the skin to lift the soft tissue from within, and likely results to a longer-lasting vibrant appearance. Continue reading