What Women Should Know about Face Lifts

Age is usually the primary reason for facial skin sagging, wrinkle formation, and deep creases on the different parts of the face. In addition to age, factors such as stress, heredity, weight fluctuations, sun exposure, and other environmental conditions may cause wrinkles and sagging as well. For many women, these physical imperfections may lower their self-esteem.

Women in the 30 to 40 age range, therefore, turn to facial plastic surgery—typically, a face lift or rhytidectomy—to enhance their facial appearance. This surgical technique helps improve the evident signs of aging on the face and neck, tightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks to revitalize their youthful glow.

There are numerous face lift procedures, either surgical or non-surgical, that can be done, depending on the patient’s concerns. Results may vary for each person, however, and the cosmetic procedure may not be limited to one. There are also procedures that may last for only a certain period and need to be supported by another process as the person ages.

Before finalizing your plan to get a face lift in Los Angeles, consult a trusted cosmetic surgeon regarding your options and concerns. He/she can suggest the right procedure for you. He/she might even recommend non-invasive alternatives such as injections, laser resurfacing, or Botox, which could help resolve various problems without the need to undergo the whole surgical procedure.


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