What Do Face Lifts Do, Exactly?

No one wants to look old, which makes the negative perception towards face lifts mystifying. Despite its effectiveness as a way of remaining youthful-looking, face lifts are still getting an unfair reputation as something done for very shallow reasons—but what do face lifts really bring to the table?

Tightens Facial Muscles

A face lift will rearrange a face’s underlying structure that have sagged and weakened with age.

Improves Loose Skin

A face lift will also trim and tighten sagging skin.

Enhances Facial Contours

A face lift will smoothen out cheeks, lower eyelids, and neck areas as well as make jawlines more prominent.

Today, beauty products that claim to perform all of these things saturate the market. Many people in Beverly Hills spend thousands of dollars and considerable time before seeing any effect, but a face lift only takes a few hours in comparison. For those who’ve gone under the knife, the psychological advantages such as a self-esteem boost, a healthier way of looking at themselves, and more confidence in dealing with other people is worth the investment in the procedure. Clearly, face lifts are not merely skin deep, but are a meaningful life decision for those who’ve decided to get it.


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