Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Treats Sagging Necks and Jawlines

Keeping up a youthful appearance can be an all-important preoccupation in a place like Beverly Hills, especially for someone who socializes a significant amount. When you are out and about, there’s always a chance of bumping into someone you know and unflattering pictures of you being taken that could betray obvious signs of aging—such as a sagging neck and jawline—you would rather keep hidden. While it is not yet too late, you may want to enlist the services of skilled a Beverly Hills facelift expert such as Dr. Davis B. Nguyen MD.


Beverly Hills Facelift: A Finishing Touch to One’s Weight Loss Journey

People in Los Angeles County, in general, have reasons to be concerned about packing on excess pounds. Studies by the Department of Public Health state that obesity plagues 23.9% of adult residents and 23% of all children within the county. Such problems, fortunately, are not as prevalent among Beverly Hills residents. Yet if you or a loved one was left with excessive loose skin after losing weight or as a result of body contouring, a Beverly Hills facelift specialist such as Dr. Davis Nguyen, MD is qualified to help you.