Brow Lifts Give You a Youthful, Refreshed Look

Have brow lifts got you raising your eyebrows? Do you feel like it’s pointless, or think that improving your brow area won’t make any difference? Don’t dismiss the procedure just yet. Brow lifts can actually enhance your appearance by reducing the creases within that part of your face, which would make you look rejuvenated and could highlight the beauty of your eyes more. Continue reading


Cosmetic Surgeons: Sculptors, Not Magicians

In this business of making people beautiful, patients should bear in mind that cosmetic surgeons are sculptors and not magicians — they can do wonders with what they have, but can’t make something out of nothing. While a Beverly Hills face lift may do wonders for a patient’s looks, the patient should maintain realistic expectations.

It’s very important to keep it real. A patient who smokes and has sun-damaged skin shouldn’t expect to come out of a facelift looking like a supermodel. Another with a crooked nose will emerge from a rhinoplasty with a better version of her old nose, not with one that resembles that of Julia Roberts. Continue reading