Post-care Tips for a Face Lift

The wonders of science has afforded people the benefits of safe and effective ways to enhance their appearance. If they wish to get rid of sagging facial skin, for instance, they can opt to undergo a face lift procedure from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Unfortunately, some of the patients who undergo such treatments are not aware that, for optimum results, they have to follow post-care procedures down to detail.

Patients must keep a close watch on their face after the surgery. It’s normal to see signs of bruising, and that isn’t a cause for alarm. However, to minimize discoloration caused by bruising, patients should seek advice from their doctors and ask if they can use Arnica montana. Arnica montana, sometimes called leopard’s bane, is a herbal supplement that can help reduce bruising. However, taking this in inappropriate amounts may cause intestinal distress, so patients must make sure to check with their doctors first.

After a face lift, it is advisable to elevate the head and shoulder, or ideally use two or more pillows when sleeping. Any strenuous activities must be strictly avoided within the next two days after the procedure.

As for the slight pain felt after the procedure, patients can depend on pain meds but not more often than every three or four hours. It’s recommended that alcohol be avoided when taking pain meds. Following these guidelines, patients can expect a full recovery and optimum results.


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