Pre-facelift Preparation to Reduce Weight

People want to retain much of their natural appearance as they age, and they will go to great lengths to make it happen. One option they have is to undergo a face or neck lift. However, when the prospective patient is a bit overweight, there would be a slight problem with proceeding directly to the treatment.

Thus, cosmetic surgeons who perform face lifts in Beverly Hills need to educate patients to make sense of a realistic objective, and offer the following advice to help guide them on the road to a better appearance.

Shedding off pounds

It is never recommended to do a crash program, or even shortcuts, when pursuing a leaner and younger look. During consultation, a surgeon may ask the patient to identify his or her ideal weight. The goal is to reduce to within ten to 15 pounds of the target weight. If the patient’s current weight is quite far, he needs to prepare with a training and nutritional program designed to shed off the unwanted pounds.

Bariatric surgery

For patients who are considering bariatric surgery before a face or neck lift, the waiting time could be longer. Although an ideal weight may be set for the surgery, some surgeons recommend a long recuperation and weight stabilization period to help the patient prepare thoroughly for the face lift.

Overweight patients may wonder why it’s important to reduce weight before a face lift. Cosmetic surgeons say this lessens the chances of heavy sagging after the procedure.


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