Plastic Surgery: What to Do Before and After

Pre-surgery period can bring out the worrywart in you, especially if it’s your first time to go under the knife. Calm your nerves down with these preparation tips and learn more about post-operative care:

Understand the operation

Ask your surgeon how the surgery will take place, and request for information on the step-by-step process so you’ll know what you’ll be going through. Be honest about your fear of any complications so the surgeon can explain the whole procedure to you, reassuring you in the process. Also, be forthcoming with your allergies to any chemicals.

Post-surgery care

Expect your doctor to give you a “dos and don’ts” list. Provide all the things you’ll need after the surgery like healthy and less salty food, magazines, medicine, and ice packs. Get a family member or a friend to help you carry out your daily tasks.

Emotions during post-surgery

Expect to have bouts of doubt and stress the night after your surgery. You may feel ill, stressed or sleepless, which is common among plastic surgery patients. Seeing the few scars from the operation may affect your self-esteem, so the best thing to do is to allow enough recovery period, while making yourself feel good at the same time. Eat your favorite (but healthy food), watch feel-good movies, or enjoy your hobbies.


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