Turning Back the Clock with an Innovative Facelift

The aging process is inevitable, but medicine has found ways to overturn the advancing years through scientific anti-aging systems. Here are some types of facelifts most people can utilize to turn back their body clock:

Mini facelift

The mini facelift, or the short scar facelift, makes the skin and soft tissues on the face tauter and firmer while reducing the amount of incisions and scarring to give off a more natural, more youthful look. This procedure is established upon sutures in the deeper layers of the skin to lift the soft tissue from within, and likely results to a longer-lasting vibrant appearance.

Mid facelift

This technique concentrates in boosting the smoothness of the face and perking up the cheeks, as well as correcting the area around the eyes. The mid facelift remedies some of the early signs of aging and keeps skin looking fresh and fabulous.

Temporal lift

Also known as the upper facelift, the temporal lift relieves folds and small wrinkles in the forehead and between the brows, as well as clears out crow’s feet around the eye area. This procedure revitalizes and refreshes the face, sculpting high cheekbones and softer, effortless beauty.

Neck lift

Turkey gobblers, jawline jowls, and loose fleshy skin on the neck are never attractive. To reverse the effects of gravity, a doctor employs a neck lift procedure to remove excess and sagging skin, and to tighten the tissues within for a more shapely and toned neck and jaw line.


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