Hunkering Down for the Facelift

A facelift is no laughing matter; it may require a great deal of investment in terms of time and money. The consultation with your preferred cosmetic surgeon can steer you in that direction. The road to the operation is a long one, and you have to start walking.

Some changes should begin once the date of the procedure is set. For starters, if you have been drinking alcohol or smoking for some time, you should will yourself to stop because they impede your healing due to constricted blood flow. Tweak your diet with healthier options.

Do not take any anti-inflammatory medication and other medicines as they can induce bleeding. However, if you must take certain medications that are essential to your bodily functions, list them down with the surgeon so a workaround can be made. Prepare to stock the meds during this time.

In the days prior to the operation, start arranging for a loved one to accompany you to and from the practice. If you are doing some house chores, task other family members to help you out. Consider settling any accounts to lessen the post-operation recovery stress. Sleep early to relax your body for the operation. On the day of the procedure, take a thorough shower and wash your hair well to avoid infection. Wear buttoned clothes for easier transition into the surgical gowns.

Undergoing a facelift will not be a hitch if you’ve prepared well. All it takes is simple cooperation with your surgeon.


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