Signs of Aging Addressed by Face Lifts

When men and women notice the effects of aging on their face, it’s not impossible for them to seek facelifts as a way to revive their more youthful appearance. With advances in plastic surgery and modern cosmetic products, more are encouraged to undergo a face lift in Los Angeles.

The delicate nature of the skin on the face makes it prone to the visible signs of aging. Natural degeneration either directly tarnishes the suppleness and strength of the skin or indirectly deforms the skin when the structures beneath it deteriorate. This results in unsightly lines and looseness that facelifts aim to erase.

With exposure to various factors such as the sun, smoke, and chemicals on soaps and makeups, the skin’s cells and pigments may be altered. These environmental and chemical factors produce imperfections like age spots, rough skin, or areas that easily bruise or become slack. During the facelift, these bothering blemishes can be removed or repaired accordingly.

Bone, muscle, cartilage, and fat form the foundations of the skin of the face. When these elements change, get displaced, or lose tone, the skin consequently loses strength and elasticity. As a result, creases and lines form. As gravity pulls, sagging facial parts and loose skin also develop. Dermal fillers (“liquid facelifts”) can be inserted to refill the areas. Alternatively, the skin can be surgically stretched out to restore a younger-looking face.


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