Beverly Hills Facelift for Mothers and Daughters Creates Close Bonding

To this day, mother-daughter bonding over plastic surgery continues. It is a trend that many women can understand and relate to. After all, making the decision to undergo plastic surgery is not easy; and often, a candidate will be spending agonizing moments weighing the pros and the cons. Having someone close to her, like a mother or a daughter, as she goes through those moments, can ease the stress and provide her with the much needed emotional and moral support.

The needs of mothers and daughters may be different, particularly if they belong to widely separated age groups. However, they could have similar goals, too, considering that they share many of the same genes. Likewise, if their ages are similar to those of Lynda’s and Stefanie’s from Ms. Krupnick’s report, they may both want to go through rejuvenating procedures like a face lift.


Signs of Aging Addressed by Face Lifts

When men and women notice the effects of aging on their face, it’s not impossible for them to seek facelifts as a way to revive their more youthful appearance. With advances in plastic surgery and modern cosmetic products, more are encouraged to undergo a face lift in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Beverly Hills Facelift Doctor offers promotion on Medical Spa Services and Products

Dr. Davis Nguyen, a Beverly Hills facelift doctor, is offering a 20% reduction on his clinic’s medical spa services and skin care products. For a limited time, the practice will designate certain days as “Spa Days” when people can take advantage of the aforementioned price reduction. Interested parties must call 310.550.0288 to set an appointment beforehand.

The offer extends to services like their fractional CO2 and Erbium laser resurfacing treatments which improve the tone texture, and color of the skin. The practice’s breakthrough VI Peel (and its booster serum,) which reduce hyper pigmentation and help combat conditions like Melasma and acne are also covered in the promotion. Additionally, clients will enjoy special pricing on the latest in medical grade skincare from SkinMedica, Obagi and Kalil Medical, as well as on Latisse Eyelash Serum.