The Dos and Don’ts After a Facelift

After a facelift, your doctor will supervise your recovery; but you have to work with him in order for the recovery to be a successful one. Aside from the prescriptions and advice that the doctor will provide, you have some cautions to consider. Here are your dos and don’ts after a Beverly Hills face lift.

DO set up your “recovery area” at home

Prepare a clean, organized space at home (preferably your room) to store and easily get the things you need during recovery. Use plain, clean sheets in light or white colors so that you can easily observe any discharges. Expect to use medical supplies like prescribed ointments and medications, gauzes, and cold compresses.

DON’T smoke or risk exposure to smoke

Quit your smoking habit if you have it and avoid encounters with smoke during recovery (around two to four weeks). Smoking tobacco generally interferes with wound healing, which can lead to scarring and longer recovery periods. Alcoholic beverages, prolonged sun exposure, and unbalanced diets could have the same effects, as well.

DO contact your doctor for any complication

If you experience any unexpected pain or notice signs of infection (abnormally colored or odorous discharges, extreme itchiness, and others explained by the surgeon), call your doctor immediately. Avoid injury by being careful with your movements and wearing loose, easy-to-wear clothing like button-downs. Should any injury occur, inform your doctor right away for necessary treatment. Additionally, adhere to the scheduled follow-ups.


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