Los Angeles Face Lift Tips for Recovery

After going under the knife to rejuvenate your face, you have to undergo proper recovery before you see the desired end results. Usually lasting for two weeks, recovery may be challenging but definitely manageable. Here are some tips to help you out during post-op recovery:

Quit your vices.

Fresh from surgery, you will have delicate incisions. With due care, these wounds should heal without a noticeable trace. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, which slow the healing process, should be avoided completely. Nutrition also plays a factor, so eat according to your doctor’s instructions.

Mind your body posture.

Swelling is normal right after facial surgery. When you sleep or rest in the house, elevate your head with pillows to help drain the fluids. Walking with proper posture would have the same effect. Don’t bend down or lift heavy objects to avoid placing undue pressure on your post-op wounds.

Don’t shut people out.

You need a stable support system, such as your friends and family, to help in reassuring you throughout the recovery. These significant others that your doctor helps you identify before surgery could be your partners in fulfilling your recovery needs and in patiently waiting for the results.

Follow your surgeon’s advice.

For a successful recovery, strictly heed your surgeon’s prescriptions. Your schedule may comprise of medications and dressing changes, which you need to diligently follow. Aside from that, your surgeon would impose other limitations and cautions for a speedy recovery.


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