How to Prepare for a Facelift

Getting facelift surgery can be a huge step for you. Not only will it give you that younger-looking skin that you want, but it can even help give you the self-confidence you need to go through your daily life. However, as in almost anything that involves a medical treatment (a surgical procedure, no less), you will have to prepare adequately before your facelift.


Quit Your Vices


You should do this way before your face lift surgery. Alcohol can severely dehydrate your body and in effect, cause your skin to be dry, while smoking can lead to an accelerated skin aging process, causing it to droop and develop wrinkles earlier than you’d like. This is why you should veer away from these bad habits before, and even after your treatment, if you can.


Get a Physical Exam


Call your doctor and have your physical health checked, especially the condition of your skin. It is said that patients with thin, angular faces tend to end up with more successful facelifts than those with round faces and short jawbones.


Talk to Your Doctor


Talk to your surgeon before the procedure, as there might be a few special instructions that he has to walk you through before you can get the surgery. Be sure to follow these to the letter. For instance, you might be advised to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs prior to the surgery as these can increase the risk of post-op bleeding.


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