A Face Lift Done is Eight Years Removed

Face-lifts have become a commodity, and Hollywood stars are avid consumers of them. In Los Angeles, where celebrities aim to outshine each other, beauty procedures like the face lift play a vital role in stretching career longevity and staying pretty for paparazzi photos.

The face-lift, or rhytidectomy, is a way of removing or reducing the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles due to old age. The superficial skin is lifted off the face to make way for tightening the skin and tissues underneath. Some fat and skin may also be removed if needed. The lifted skin is redraped, hiding the procedure and producing a natural, cleaner, more youthful look.

Face-lifts are best done in your 40’s. The skin is still elastic during this period, making it easier for the skin to submit to the repositioning procedure. The operation usually takes hours, and the healing period can last for months.

The magic of facelifts relies heavily on the seamless, traceless surgery. A good cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles should make you look younger – a study suggests that facial surgery should be able to reduce a person’s outward age by six to eight years – sans any medical evidence.

Getting a face lift in Los Angeles isn’t exclusive to the stars. With it, ordinary people can make themselves look younger and red carpet worthy every time.


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